Just Jo is me, Jo. I live on the South Coast of England, have a husband & a dog & am a stationery addict.

Just Jo originally started as a blog a few years ago after I’d had a spike in Pinterest followers. I figured there were other people who had a similar taste to me too so I created a blog where I wrote & showcased everything from stationery, graphics, interiors, nice images – it was a home for stuff I loved.

I have always had a love of stationery but in particular, a bit of an addiction to notebooks. Over the years I’ve met a lot of people who appreciate the same love of buying a brand new beautiful notebook as me – & this is where the beginning of the Just Jo shop begun.


“I only wanted to sell products I love”

I decided I only wanted to sell products I love & truly believe in & because of that, it’s resulted in what I think is a beautifully curated collection of stationery. Over the coming months I hope to develop the range of what I sell, but for now I’m happy focussing on the selection I have.

When selecting stock, I also try to choose people that produce their products in the UK. I want to support UK businesses & independent designers as there’s some great talent out there in this country of ours & I’m proud to support them.

I’m also a big advocate of bringing back the art of letter writing & encouraging people to pick up a pen & paper again, taking the time to send a letter to a friend or loved one just because (there’s also no greater feeling than receiving post that isn’t a bill!) So I’ve added a small collection of notecards to the shop too – get writing!

I hope you find something on here you like & if you have any suggestions of beautiful brands that you think would fit the Just Jo store, then feel free to drop me an email. Thank you again for stopping by & supporting this venture of mine, I appreciate it more than you will know.

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